Dental Waiting Room

For a child, one of the most terrifying places to be is the dentist's clinic. Most dentists try to relax children by setting up a playing pen or adding toys in their waiting rooms, however, these can be boring, noisy and unsafe for the little ones. Something for Kids is a company that has designed a system to keep kids sitting at a dental waiting room happy and out of harm's way as they wait for their turn.

The company's system has been designed by concerned parents who had had the disagreeable experience of having their kids use germ-infected toys or choke on their playthings' loose pieces. The children entertainment center provided by Something for Kids is basically a toy stand that comes with toys attached to lap play boards. At a dental waiting room, the stand will hardly take any space, plus, with the mobility added to the toys, children can sit along their parents without annoying other adults at the clinic.

Something for Kids' toy stands can come in different forms and sizes, thus can fit easily anywhere. If the client's dental waiting room has enough wall space, then the WeeWall or the GigaWall are the best options. Each of these comes with 5 and 8 toys respectively. Smaller wall units are also available in the form of the TB design, which can accommodate 2, 3, 4 or 6 toys at the same time.

However, if the client's dental waiting room has enough space, then the Pan and Mr. Waddles toy stand designs are a good choice. The 1st model comes with 12 toys while the 2nd design can fit 8 toys easily. With these stands, germs are no issue, as all of them are delivered with a supply of disinfectant wipes so that parents can wipe the toys before handing them over to their children.

As for the toys that accompany the stands, aside from being clean and hygienic, they are quiet and safe to play with. The sound is disabled so that the quiet surroundings of a dental waiting room will not be disturbed, plus, with no loose parts, children will not be vulnerable to choking accidents. In addition, the company exchanges toys for free on a monthly basis, thus kids will have a new set of games to play with every month.

For a dentist interested in adding Something for Kids' entertainment system to his dental waiting room, ordering this scheme can be done either online or by downloading the order form from the website and then faxing it back to the company. The only fee the client will be paying is the monthly rent of the stand and toys as the company doesn't enforce extra charges for setting the system up or delivering it. Plus, because the company knows how kids handle toys, clients will not have to pay for broken, stolen or lost games.

With Something for Kids' entertainment system at a dental waiting room, children will no longer be stressed and have tear smears on their faces before having their teeth checked. Plus, besides the little ones, dentists and parents will also be pleased because of the safe and germ-free setting in which the kids will play in.

“Do you realize how much quieter it is in here? The kids just totally mellow out."

- Happy S4K Customer -

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