Children's Waiting Room

Over the past 4 years, Something for Kids has been offering an entertainment system for every children's waiting room in the United States. Designed by parents, this system has been proven to control the level of noise made by conventional toys that can be thrown or shoved across the floor, and to increase the level of safety at a children's waiting room by eliminating the use of toys with missing parts and unclean playthings.

The system itself consists of a toy stand and a number of lap play boards attached to it. Clients have 5 different styles of toy stands to order from- WeeWall, GigaWall, Pan, Mr. Waddles and TB. Each of these shapes is designed to take minimum space in a children's waiting room, thus adding more space for kids to play. Aside from the difference of their shapes, each model can accommodate a different number of toys. The WeeWall can have up to 5 toys, the GigaWall and Mr. Waddles 8 toys, Pan 12 toys, and TB, which comes in 4 arrangements, can have 2, 3, 4 or 6 toys on it.

Once a client orders Something for Kids' children's waiting room entertainment system, the station is delivered 1st followed by the lap play boards and the toys mounted to them. Each toy sent has its sound disabled and no loose pieces, thus allowing the child to play quietly and preventing him from choking on unfastened parts. In addition, with each toy stand, a packet of disinfectant wipes are sent in order that parents wipe the toys before handing them over to their offspring.

On a monthly basis, the toys will be exchanged for free, thus adding more to the fun kids have at a children's waiting room. Special boxes will be delivered by UPS containing the toys and refills for the disinfectant wipes. This feature is very beneficial to clients as it prevents worn out and broken toys from littering their kids' waiting rooms, plus it adds more value to clients' dollars because no extra fees are billed for damaged or frayed toys.

As for the toys sent back to Something for Kids, their current condition is inspected first by comparing each toy's status prior to the delivery with its current condition. If the toy is still in good shape, it is cleaned and disinfected to be later on shipped to another client, otherwise the toy will be discontinued from further use. A software system stores the data of each shipment, thus a client can be assured that he will not be seeing the same toys in his children's waiting room again for a long time.

With Something for Kids' entertainment system, any venue's children's waiting room will be the best place for kids, a fact not only caused by the variety of games kids can play every month, but also because of the hygienic and choke-free environment the toys will promote. Therefore, adults can easily go on with their everyday work without having to worry about their children being in danger or bored.

“Do you realize how much quieter it is in here? The kids just totally mellow out."

- Happy S4K Customer -

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